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Can i mix the AI mode (DIFF, RSE..) on PCI-6229?

I want to known if it is possible to mix the mode off the AI .3 AI's in DIFF Mode and 3 AI's in RSE Mode.


If OK,will it affect signals of different channel ? 

Thank you

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You can configure some of your channels for differential and some for RSE within a single task.  As long as all of your signals are grounded properly, you shouldn't run into any problems.
Alex Person
NI-RIO Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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Can I use differential mode if the voltages I want to measure the difference of are <10V w/ respect to the AI GND?


The differential measurement shouldn't be more than 1-2V apart from each other, I'm just not sure if putting in a voltage so far away from AI GND will cause the ADC's to malfunction.

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