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Can a PXIe-6363 be used for capacitance measurements?



We are trying to measure the capacitance across two parallel plates. Is it possible to use the PXIe-6363 to measure capacitance? I know there is a DMM from NI but we are trying to use what we have.


Thank you

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How are you planning to measure capacitance? by sourcing current and measuring the voltage at different points?


Inherently there is no feature on DAQ that will help you measure capacitance. You are trying to hit a nail but all that you've is a mobile phone, yeah, you can hit the nail but with what effect is the question.

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I've done a similar experiment with the analog outputs of a multifunction I/O module. You can use the analog outputs to generate the waveforms across the capacitor then measure the resulting frequency response. It would be kind of crude and you'd have to do the math yourself but it is theoretically possible.


Look up how LCR meters measure capacitance to get a better idea of how you might implement the measurement. Depending on what capacitance you're expecting to measure, you could look at some of the bench multimeters on the market if the PXIe-4082 is too expensive for you.

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