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Can NI DAQ-6259 read / listen to i2c ?


Hi GurraW,


I will be working on the I2C communication for DAQ-6351. Do you mind sharing your VI source files so that I can use for my project?


Thanks very much.

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hi every one,


I am trying to implement i2c protocol in ni-usb 6363 dac card. I am generate clock pulse (SCK) by using a PFI pin output and serial data by using a Digital output pin. 


but I am facing problem in synchronization of clock pulse and DO as per i2c protocol.

is it possible to varied the digital output voltage of ni-usb 6363..?


so, if anyone know about this pls reply...








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Can you share your VI?   I have to convert D/A data to ni-usb 6009 but my D/A converter use i2c system 

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Hi LeviTSH,


the NI-USB 6009 ist most likely the wrong choice for this task. As a minimum requirement for I2C communication you will need hardware timed digital I/Os which the 6009 doesn't provide. Software timing will have way to much jitter to allow the communication to work at all.Please refer to the rest of the thread to explore alternative options.


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