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Can I use thermocouple type L with NI4351

Can I use thermocouple type L with high resolution temperature and voltage loggers NI4351
if yes, then where I can find accuracy data
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I could not find the milliVolt input ranges for that specific type of thermocouple. What I did find was that it has a temperature range between -200 and 900 deg C. Since the temperature ranges seem similar to other types of thermocouples, you can compare these to the ones mentioned in Appendix A of the NI-4351 User's Manual (, and make a search for "4351") in order to get an idea of the accuracy that you can expect.

Regarding the software, there's two options:
1. To use NI-DAQ: with this, you can create a Temperature Custom Scale and use it with a Virtual Channel so that the Voltage readings will be translated into Temperature readings.

2. You can use the NI-4351 own drivers for reading the voltages, and then you can
add software tables to your program so that those voltages will be translated into temperature values.

Good luck with your application!
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