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Can I use analog output pins from my DAQ (PXI-6251) that is controlling the SCXI chassis

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Hello all,


As the title states, I am wondering if I can use the analog output pins from the DAQ card (PXI-6251) when it is controlling the SCXI chassis.


From my understanding, the DAQ will multiplex all of the SCXI cards through AI0, leaving the rest of the channels free (AI1-7 and AO0-1).  Therefore, I theoretically should be able to access those AO pin on the DAQ card.  


As some background, the current test set up doesn't require me to use any of the SCXI cards, but its going to be a pain to rewire my current system.  I've inherited a tower that don't have the best cable management and everything looks like a spaghetti nightmare.  




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If you do not need to use the SCXI chassis don't use it.  Take the cable that plugs into the SCXI chassis and connect it to a SCB-68 or something with terminal blocks.  If you need to run a program that requires the SCXI chassis, hook it back up.  It is only one cable.


If you have the time I say rewire the tower the way you want.  Now or possibly later?  If you are not going to use the SCXI chassis for a specific test anymore take all the wires out and rewire as needed.


It really depends on your situation......

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After looking at the set up again,  can remove the cable that goes from the 6251 to the SCXI chassis at the front end of the 6251 card.  That's an NBD.  


I thought I had a different cable connecting the 6251 to the SCXI chassis.  What I thought I had connecting the 2 was more like a GPIB cable, where it connects to the 6251 front end and to the SCXI chassis at the back end where you can still access the pins via another cable.  What I actually have wired in is just a cable connecting the two together.  Hopefully that was an acceptable description of what I thought I had, because I was wondering if there is a cable like the GPIB for the SCXI module or a Y-cable so I can connect the 6251 to the SCXI module and a breakout box.  If so, would I be able to connect to my SCXI module and access those pins via another cable?  


As more background, this tower has basically become the "we need to test some equipment out so we got a bunch of cards in it for various reasons" - almost like its meant to be a general purpose tower where you can do a lot with it, but it has a lot of overhead associated with it.  So my thought was, if I could connect to the 6251's front end and then splits out to a breakout box and the SCXI chassis, then I should be able to get more functionality off of what is already there.



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Accepted by topic author Matt710

Looking at the SCXI quick start guide, it says you are probably plugging your cable into a SCXI-1349 cable adapter which has a break out connector on it.


You might be able to use it like you want, but I have never tried doing it.  You could also call NI and talk to a application engineer and see what they have to say.



This link has the different SCXI cable assemblies.  It looks like the SCXI-1351 has a breakout connector.

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