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Can I use PXI module(PXI-6722) and DAQmx(USB-6210) at the same time?




Now, I'm using the USB-6210 alone for 10-channel analog inputs.


I want to make multi-channel analog output(at least 8 channels), then I found PXI analog output module(PXI-6722).


As my experience, two DAQmx-USB modules cannot use at the same time(on single labtop).

So, my question is that I can use those two modules (6210 & 6722) simultaneously with well synchronized condition?

And, for using PXI module, I have to mount it on desktop not labtop?


If there better option for my experiment setup, please let me know.


Thank you.





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For using PXI-module(6722), you have to need PXI-Controller & PXI-Chassis.

You can plug-in PXI-Controller & PXI-Modules in chassis. Controller is responsible for controlling PXI-modules like PC. 

You can also plug-in several PXI-modules in chassis. Then It is easy to synchronize several Channel. 


You can refer to some pages below.


Getting Started with a PXI System


Synchronization Explained



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It should be possible to use multiple USB devices at once.  I don't know know offhand if there's one that can output 8+ AO channels.  Sync'ing across USB devices will require a combination of physically wiring shared timing signals and programming the devices to use them.


There's likely a cDAQ solution available that's friendlier to your budget than a full PXI system.  Note that *any* USB-based system will tend to have some limitations when compared to their desktop and PXI counterparts.



-Kevin P

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