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Can I still use my PCI-4351 for t-type tc readings, even though the unit is out of tolerance in the +/-2.5V range?

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I am using a PCI-4351 for T-type TC readings, and after receiving it back from calibration, the 2.5V range is out by -0.00003 V.  The rest of the calibration is within tolerance.  Please advise if the 2.5V range is used for T-type thermocouple readings with the CB-68T accessory.  From my understanding, I believe only the 0.625V range is used for TC measurements, and they are all within calibration.


Thank you for your help.


Michael Carter

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Hi Michael,


You are correct that you will only need the .625 Range for this measurement.


I am very disappointed to hear your device was not correctly calibrated.  Was this our calibration?  If it was I can try to allow you to send it back into us or something like that in order to remedy this situation.


If there is anything else I can do to help correct this issue please let me know.

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Jason Daming
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Thank you for responding.  It was not calibrated by National Instruments, but a Canadian company that NI suggested we use.  The only downside of them is that they verify the units, but if the unit is out of cal, they do not repair any problems.  If we decide that the unit needs to be repaired, then I'll go through the channels and get an RMA.

Again, thank you for your help.



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