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CDAQ Sine Wave Analysis




I have a  CDAQ9178, with a 9229 4ch sigma delta analgoue card. 


I have two sine waves around 5V pk to pk at a frequency of 10hz. each waveform varies in cycle width and cycle ampltiude. 


I am recording 2 seconds of data, sampling at 10Khz. i want to be able to measure the following for each waveform and ouput the data into an array


- Cycle Postive width  (for each waveform)

- Cycle Negative width  (for each waveform)

- Postive Amplitude (for each waveform)

- Negative Amplitude (for each waveform)


Does any one have any information on how i can do this. Using the DAQMX vi all i get is an average. For the application i need it for 'average' will not work.



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Hi JWinstanley,


what DAQmx vi are you talking about? If you have a waveform you can use some of vis from Signal Processing >> Waveform Measurement palette for analysis of the signal.


Best regards,




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