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CDAQ Is Not Listing Devices in MAX

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I have a CDAQ connected directly to my computer via ethernet.  The port is set to get IP address automatically.  I can see the CDAQ in MAX, but none of the cards in the chassis are listed.
When I try to run a self test, I get error "-50150 The software has entered an unknown state - usually as a result of a cascade failure induced by an unexpected series of state inputs. The operation could not be completed as specified and you should immediately terminate all further transactions if you are able to do so."
It's weird because I have been able to connect to the CDAQ when it and my computer are both connected to the company network, but that is not an option in the field.
I have two CDAQ chassis, both have the same problem when connected directly to my computer, and both appear to work normally when connected to the company network.
Any advice on troubleshooting would be much appreciated.






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You need to set a static IP address and subnet mask for your computer. To do this, go to the control panel and click >> network and internet >> network sharing center >> ethernet >> properties >> IPv4 (click once)>> properties >> use the following IP address.
Set your IP address to something on the same subnet as the cDAQ. Ex) CDAQ Subnet Mask with Host computer Subnet Mask The IP addresses need to follow the same scheme, but cannot be the same. The subnet masks need to be the same.
When you are back on the company network, change the settings back to “obtain IP address automatically”. If you can’t access these settings, then you may need to consult your IT department.
Hope this helps.
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Hello Apex_Waves.  Thank you for the suggestion.  I have tried static IP address several times and it does not change the result.

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At the moment I'm testing around Unreserve Network Device.  I have one computer that seems to reliably connect to both chassis, and after I make that connection then I can switch to my laptop and the system works.  
The reason I haven't gone down this path already is that in the past my system had the option to reserve the device even if it was already reserved.  I don't know what happened to that option.
I think it's possible both chassis were reserved by the desktop computer on site, then brought off site in a state that is inaccessible from my laptop.
I don't know that this is actual problem, but I will try to find out this afternoon.
I have one chassis working now, directly connected to my laptop with an automatic IP address, on site at my company.
I'm going to shut everything down exactly as it is and bring this chassis with me to the other location and see if it still works.



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Accepted by topic author jncuevas
Another possibility is if the cDAQ is removed from the network while it was reserved by another computer, it may have caused an error.

You could try going into MAX, right click, and delete the device. After deleting, refresh and then add it back to MAX. You can also go to tools >> reset configuration data. Restart and then add the cDAQ back to MAX. That will remove all of your configured devices and settings.
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Accepted by topic author jncuevas

Thank you, Apex_Waves!  I do believe that is the problem.  Here's why:
I went back to my home office and unreserved the chassis I had there from the desktop computer.
I then reserved that chassis with my laptop.
Next, I disabled all network connections except the ethernet cable between my computer and the CDAQ.
Rebooted everything while I was there to make sure it would still work.

Powered the CDAQ and my laptop down and brought them offsite.
Powered them back up and they are working.
So, the only thing I did differently was un-reserving the device from the desktop computer.  In the past MAX had an option to override whatever computer already had the CDAQ reserved.  I don't know if that option was discontinued or if it's just because the CDAQ was previously reserved on a different network.  I will look into that later. 

For now, I'm just happy everything is working!

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Awesome, glad everything is now working for you!

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