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Buffered output using pci-6534

I'm using the pci-6534. I have three binary files that I would like to use as output. I would like my program to output file 1 on an external trigger and wait for a software trigger to send out files 2 and 3. At the end I would like the program to loop files 1,2 and 3 for N times. Can someone help me with this program, thanks
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What version of LabVIEW do you have? If you have LV 7.x the first thing you need to do is install NI-DAQ 7.4. DAQ 7.4 supports the 6534 device in DAQmx.

You can get it here:

With DAQ 7.4 and DAQmx you can run the program I have attached. It is just an example of how to do what you are looking for. In the program you will see notes that describe what is being done.

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