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Best way to generate specific digital signal

I'm using the NI PCIe-6361 to sample analog data @ 2MHz as well as write to two DAC channels every N number of ADC samples. This process runs continuously until cancelled by a user. This is all working fantastically :). However, I now also need to write to a digital channel at a fixed interval (something like 3ms low then 11ms high) for as long as my process is running. What's the best way to do this? I know I could write a buffer of data to the a digital channel, but it seems to me that there must be a better way to get what I want using timers. Am I thinking wrong?

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Greetings Herbrandson


Have you considered using a Counter task for this? LabVIEW comes with some examples that might prove useful to you. The Counter (Buffered) - Continuous Output sounds like the right example to thet started. Otherwise, you could select a simple Counter - Continuous Output and play with the duty cycle.


Please tell us if you have any other question. 



Luis J.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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