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Backup image of cDAQ controller

I have several cDAQ-9135 controllers running Linux RT and they are working good enough for now.  My problem is that I don't know if the source code I have matches what is currently deployed.  I'm new and none of the people responsible for setting up these systems initially are still with the company.  They didn't leave any documentation.  I need a way to backup whatever is running now so that I can deploy my source code.  I'm hoping after deploying the source code everything will continue to run normally, but what if it doesn't?  How can I restore to the deployment that's been running for years?  I don't want to break our production line and not be able to fix it.  I don't have the option of just leaving it alone because updates are needed. Are there specific files/folders that I can just copy and restore?  Is there any software that will create a backup image that I can restore if things don't go well?

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