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BNC (sensors outputs) to pin (inputs of DAQ) connectors


I would like to ask about the type of the BNC (sensors outputs) to pin (inputs of DAQ) connectors that can work for the below items. 

I want to connect the PCB Low noise coaxial cable (10 ft w/10-32 plug to BNC plug;  SN: HC9019377) to  DAQ (USB-6003 16-Bit 100 kS/s ; SN: HC8146386  ) 


I searched your web-site and found BNC-2120 Terminal Block.



BNC-2120 - NI

68-Pin Female SCSI to Female BNC and Screw Terminal, DIN Rail, Desktop Mount, Shielded Terminal Block—The BNC-2120 can be used with various NI multifunction I/O and analog output devices.The BNC-2120 simplifies the connection of analog signals, some digital signals, and two user-defined connections to the data acquisition device while maintaining the integrity of your measurements with a ...

Please let me know does this work for me? If so, send me a quotation for it 

Also, is there any other options that could do the job? 

Best Regards 


Best Regards  



Dr. Khaled Al-Aribe 

Associate Professor 

Department of Mechanical Engineering  

College of Engineering  

Abu Dhabi University 


Phone (cell): +971504290638 




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Could you rephrase what you're trying to find out?


FYI - this is a forum where fellow NI product users discuss and help each other and we in no way represent NI. Maybe sometimes, someone from NI might address certain issues but not guaranteed, your request for a quote is not appropriate for the forum and you should contact NI sales.


In general, BNC-2120 is not compatible with USB-6003. 

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