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BNC 2120 thermocouple CJC with M6289

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I am trying use my CJC of BNC-2120 thermocouple Ic sensor for temperature measurement,but I am not able to acquire it with M6289 mass terminator device.

Whenever I make labview program using DAQ assistant,using ai1 as physical channel and ai0 as temp ref for CJC(default in device),It is giving daq error that task is not specified.

I don't know what is the program whether 6289 can control temperature sensor directly or not.

Please assist me in this regard.



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Do you have a specific error code for us?

Can you please post your code too.





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Ya sure,please have look at attachments,error code is 200486


Thanks a lot for the reply....

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You need to configure the Build in CJC channel first and then select "Build In" at the DAQ Assistants configuration.

This is explained in this KB.




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Hi Anurag,


could you solve the problem with this KB-Dokument?




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Hi christian,


This option of changing properties is not coming for M6289 mass terminator device,so I can't change its properties to enable the CJC reference..





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you have to be more specific with your explanations in order that we can help you!

I have absolutely no idea about what you mean with "this changing properties".


Another thing I want to be sure about is that we are talking about the same hardware. With "M6289 mass terminator" you are talking about a PCI/PXI/USB-6289 DAQ card, right?




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Hey Christian,


These are specifications for my equipment: NI 6289 USB High-Accuracy (Up to 625 kS/s, 32 Ch, 18-Bit)> Link for device which I am using.


I have attached the JPEG picture of the device when I open my Measurement and Automation Explorer,You can have a look at it when I right click on my device,what options are coming out.



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The image shows that the device is not present anymore since shows up in MAX in white with a red cross. It should be green if it is installed correctly and connected to the system.






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Ya I know it not green because right now I am not in my office right so that's its not green.



By the way I got the way how to change settings.


Please check it once in the attachement if I got the right window or not.




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