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BNC-2110 trigger pulse clean up

Hi all,


I have a trigger signal from an external source that requires peak detection to be seen on an oscilloscope.  Does the BNC-2110 have the capability of performing some sort of operation like this on this type of signal?


Kind regards,



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I'm afraid I'm not really sure what you mean - what kind of operation would you like to do?  I'm having a little trouble visualising your hardware setup.  The BNC-2110 is a connector block which provides shielded I/O, but doesn't operate on any of the data.  What DAQ card do you have?  Depending on the signal manipulation you want to do, perhaps it might best be done in software eg. LabVIEW, then output from the card via the BNC. 


Best wishes, 

Chiara A
Applications Engineer with NI UK & Ireland
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