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BNC-2110, PCI 6023E card and Labview V9.0: Is the DAQ Sensitivity (smallest detectable voltage change) 0.002V?

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BNC-2110, PCI 6023E card and Labview V9.0: DAQ Sensitivity (smallest detectable voltage change) is 0.002V


Hi, I am using the above hardware/software to read in a voltage from a World Precision Instruments ISO-NO potentiostat.


I am trying to record changes in voltage as small as 0.0003V but using the DAQ assistant I seem to be limited to a sensitivity of 0.002V.  Is this the true sensitivity limit or am I missing something?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi DCAM77,


Thanks for joining the forums! Smiley Happy


The NI PCI 6023E has a 12-bit ADC.  This means it can differentiate between 4096 (2^12) different levels within the cards range.  The card you have has a software selectable range of ± 10 V, ± 5 V, ± 500 mV or ±50 mV.


This means that the minimum detectable change will be either 4 mV, 20 mV, 244 µV or 24 µV, depending on the range selected.


You should be able to use the ± 500 mV or ±50 mV to get the least significant bit (LSB) value you require, although that assumes that your signal will lie between these values.  If it does not then you will need to consider other hardware for the application, or addition of external circuitry to scale the signal.


Peter D

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Many thanks Peter D!


Suddenly everything is clear.



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