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BNC-2090A and DAQ board for triggering hamamatsu camera



I am currently trying to trigger a hamamatsu orcaflash4.0 camera using a BNC cable. This device will be synchronized with another same model camera as well as lasers and shutters which will be synced by also BNC cables or just bare wires. I was looking at the available products that will allow me to do this and it seems the BNC-2090A would be suitable but I wasn't quite sure which DAQ board would be the best option. Also, will I be able to write the code to generate these TTL pulses in MATLAB? I'm still not quite sure about the specifications of the BNC-2090A so any help or explanations would be greatly appreciated, thanks!





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The BNC-2090 is just a dumb terminal block and has no specifications. You need a device that can output a ttl pulse. Anything from an inexpensive USB-600x on up can do this.

Refer to The Mathworks forum on how to write Matlab code.
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