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BLDC motor modeling for quadcopter modeling

I am new to this field so kindly assume that I don't know much about this stuff.
I am assigned to do quadcopter modeling using NI system. There is a quadcopter model in example so I thought to use it as reference. In that model, BLDC motor's model isn't discussed so I thought to model it myself. The procedure I thought was:
1. Take a simple DC motor model
2. Use arduino with RPM counter and BLDC motor
3. Test for error and generate equations using that

Though I believe this approach has many loop holes in it, e.g. the modeled motor will be valid under no load but after putting quadcopter's load, it will surely fail.

So I was hoping any expert here could guide me if any DAQ model I can use to get data to model BLDC motor and what parameters should I use to model BLDC motor?

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Could you go in to more detail what you're trying to accomplish? Are you trying to create a physical or electrical model? 

What was the example that you found?




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