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Audio Measurement with NI USB 6341

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Hi, i searched a forum , but didn't found an answer for my subject.


i have a ni usb-6341 daq. in our project i want generate 1KHz sinus wave from AO0 and inject to our test module, and in the output 

i want to measure output signal from AI1. 


in the NI MAX task panel i did this settings


as i understand to produce 1KHz output signal i need set samples to write = 100 and rate to 100K?

but which parameteres i need to set in the analog input window



thanks for an answers

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Normally you should sample at at least twice the rate of the signal you are trying to measure. Is this something you are eventually trying to code in LabVIEW or just in MAX?




Aaron Douglass
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Hi Doug,


first off all i want to see manualy that this setup works at MAX, and after this i will apply these setting to LAbVIEW code.


i know the Nyquist theorem, that sampling freq. must be at least twice of measured signal. but i don't know if i setup the analog channel in right way.




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Accepted by topic author Arbo


Hi Arbo,

the configuration will depend on what kind of signal you expect.

If it will be similar (frequency & amplitude) to the generated one, then configure it the same as the AI. One thing you need to be careful about is choosing proper terminal configuration (Diff, RSE, NRSE) - you can read about it here:

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thanks very much.


i wondering if  DAQ can measure the out put signal. it is audio signal of 1KHz from GSM module that setled at 1.4VDC level. 

i can see it by scope. 


i will read provided link, if it will help i will check the answer as a solution

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