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Multifunction DAQ

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Analog output incorrect values



I am using NI-USB 6259 bnc multifunctional DAQ device. There seems to be a problem by the ao pin values. It goes only from -2.5+2.5 volts when giving -10 to +10 in the test panel. This is the same for all 4 BNC outputs. I think for this reason the device was marked as broken by a colleague in our lab but when I took it it was working just fine for a while. Could anyone have any idea about the problem and possible solution?



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That sounds like a problem I was having with my PXIe-6361's analog outputs. On mine, the outputs were limited to -3.3 to +3.3V even if I set the output to +10 or -10. I discovered that the board was also reporting the wrong ambient temperature in NI MAX. I ended up sending the board into NI for repair. I actually got it back this morning. The repair note says they changed the power supply and everything appears to work now.


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Dear mj051,


Thanks for your reply. Indeed what you explained here is pretty much similar to my case. I was getting also reports on the wrong temperature plus I was suspicious that there might be something with the power supply as the one in use is not an original one. I think it is not worth sending my device for repair as it is quite old already. I will, however, try a dedicated power supply if I find it in the labs to see whether that solves the problem.  



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Do you tried with a dedicated power supply? 

Did this solve the problem?


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I sent my device to NI for repair. NI replaced the power supply on the PXIe-6361 board. I got my PXIe-6361 back and everything appears to work.

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