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Analog and digital (trigger) input on USB-6008


I have a NI USB-6008 DAQ and a NI USB-6210.

I would like to record continuous analog signals in DAQmx C++ and ALSO record the times of any triggers seen on the PFI0 input.

I don't need to know the full trigger waveforms, just the time.

Is this possible with either (both) of these devices?


Alternatively, is it possible to gate a continuous analog input, only recording samples when a TTL line is high?


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The USB-6008 is too limited to let you timestamp incoming trigger signals and its AI sample rate is pretty low as well.


The USB-6210 should be capable of both.  Sorry, I'm strictly a LabVIEW guy and can't offer any specific C++ help.   To fully sync the two tasks, you'll probably need to look into configuring an "Arm Start" trigger for the counter task that timestamps the trigger signals.  The same signal would be used as a regular Start trigger for the AI task.



-Kevin P

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