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All modules in SCXI-1001 don't read

I have a systems that uses 3 SCXI-1001 chassis with 12 SCXI-1102 modules in them.  This system has been running for many years.  Today, one of the SCXI-1001 chasses stopped working.  The NI Measurement and Automation software sees the chassis and says it's operating correctly.  All the modules show up.  However, when I run the Test Panel, the voltage on all 32 channels on all 12 modules outputs -10.6 volts.  Anyone know what the problem might be?  Thanks for the help.

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Hi Tilbro, 


Have you tried switching the modules to the other chassis? If you switch out the modules to another chassis, and the modules work, it would appear your chassis is broken. If you switch the modules, and the modules don't work, it would appear all your modules are broken. I would think the former is more likely. 


If you would like to process a repair, I would highly recommend calling National Instruments service number at 866-275-6964. 


Have a great day!

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