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Acquisition trigger start and stop - any new methods for DAQmx 8 and M series devices?

There hasn't been any good way that I've seen to start an acquisition on a digital edge and then stop the acquisition on the opposite edge of the same digital line. Has DAQmx 8 and/or M series devices changed that?
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Actually, there has been a way to do this since DAQmx 7.0.  Although the hardware doesn't support a true stop trigger, you can use a reference trigger to effectively do what you want with some minor caveats.  Check out this thread and see if this solution will work for you.
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Thanks. I did see that and actually have it working. Even though the explanation is good I'm still a little fuzzy on how it actually works. I was just wondering if there was anything new to allow you to do it in a more straightforward manner.


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Hi George,

This KnowledgeBase article goes into details about how this works.  At the moment, there aren't any new features that allow you to implement a stop trigger differently though.

Thaison V
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