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AT-MIO-16E-10 Programing


I'm a student, I've got an assignment to make a program for the AT-MIO-16E-10 DAQ card in C programing language. I found some instructions on the internet, but every register which I read has a value of 255. Which I think is not normal. I don't know if the documentation I found Is for the right card. Can someone help me or provide me with good documentation for this card?


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Are you trying to do the register-level programming?

Writing register-level programming software can be very time consuming and inefficient and is not recommended for most users. See Archived: AT E Series User Manual


AT-MIO is a very old device from the last decade. I am not sure if it is supported by the NI-DAQmx driver. You can try to install NI-DAQmx driver and see if it is detected in NI MAX. Check the compatibility of your OS before installing.

If the device is detected, you can go ahead and do programming using NI-DAQmx C API.

Using NI-DAQmx in Text Based Programming Environments

NI-DAQmx Example Locations for LabVIEW and Text-Based in Windows

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This is absolutely ancient ( ~30 years old!!!) and It is probably hard to even find a computer with an ISA bus, but I guess you have one....


Unless you study computer archaeology, I recommend to talk to the professor and offer to do the same for more modern hardware.


(In LabVIEW, it would require a 32bit OS, not just 32 bit LabVIEW, and traditional DAQ drivers. DAQmx is definitely not supported)

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I did more research. Installed LabView 6 and LabView 8 on windows XP, both work and detect the card as NI-DAQ (legacy) device. I can read analog inputs from it using LabView or the test panel in MAX. But when it comes to using the card with a custom C program - no luck. LabView 6 doesn't have NI-DAQ (legacy) libraries for C. Then I installed LabView 8, which has the libraries marked as legacy, but i think they are incomplete. From what I gather, I have nidaq.h library, but also need nidaq.c file for it to work, and it seams to be missing. I'm having problems with compiling simple Ai_Read program using the library. It says [Linker error] could not find Ai_Read@16.


Now i'm looking for LabView 7 install cd or a complete library package for C.


Thanks all of you for the replies, I know that the AT-MIO-16E is an ancient card, but my professor is firm on using it 😞 

Research in progress...

Will update more if or when I find more out.

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