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AT-MIO-16E-10 Iwant - but it shows a AT-AO-10

I am using a AT-MIO-16E-10 for daq. But in my data neighborhoud - it is showing me a AT-AO-10 - what should i do? How can I change it? I use a NT sytem on a pentium 2 and LabView 5.1. I can't insert the daq-card - the computer shows just - the AT-AO-10 model.
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It seems to be that the nidaq version that you have in your computer is corrupted, or there is something weird in the installation procedure. I will suggest you to uninstall everything and reinstall everything.

The steps I would recommend you to do are these:

1.- Uninstall the nidaq driver that you have by going to Control Panel>>Add/Remove Programs.
2.- Remove the board from the Device Manger.If there is another NI board which is in your system, remove it, too.
3.- Turn off the computer, and take off your board.
4.- Install the nidaq driver again (either nidaq 6.9.1 or nidaq 6.9.2), you can download it in the following FTP site: Make sure you also download the supporting file for your LV Version 5.1. The install.t
xt file describes the instructions to install the driver.
5.- Follow the instructions to install the board that are in the following link:

Hope these steps help you solve your issue.

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The best way about this is to uninstall the NI-DAQ driver from your machine, download and install the latest version of the driver (6.9.2), and try again.

If that still doesn't fix the problem, your card is probably defective. If that is the case, give NI a call and ask for a RMA number, so you card can be fixed.
Hope this helps.
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