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AT-MIO-16E-10 ISA PNP Card Code 10 in device manager

I have installed a AT-MIO-16E ISA Plug and Play DAQ card in a machine running windows 2000 with NI-DAQ 6.9.2 installed. On rebooting after installing nidaq, windows sees the card and installs drivers, and MAX lists the card underDevices and Interfaces as it should. However, if i open device manager within windows 2000 i see the card listed TWICE under Data Acquisition Devices. The second entry has an explanation mark by it, and on examining the properties, it claims this device was not started due to a Code 10 error. The first entry is fine and functional. Should it be listed twice? If so, should the second entry really be showing a code 10 error? I've tried uninstalling the troublesome second entry, but it is rein
stalled on a new windows startup.
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The first thing I wonder is if it works okay with the extra entry. This is a legacy board and it seems I remember that ISA used to only spec up to two DMA channels. Since this device has three DMA channels available, it would use two entries in order to get all three. As far as the code 10 error, I'm not familiar with it.


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The board should be listed twice under the Device Manager. Not a problem on that.
The place you need to go to double check the functionality of your hardware is the Measurement and Automation Explorer Software (the blue NI eagle at your desktop).

Go under devices and interfaces, right click at your device and select the properties option. Click at the Test Resources buttom. If "The Device has passed the Test" shows, that means the board was properly installed and you are ready to go.

Hope this helps.
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