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A problem with self calibration NI PCI-6251 ERROR -200545

hi friends,
    Well Im having a problem with the self calibration in my  DAQ NI PCI-6251.I tried the self test on MAX Explorer and the board has passed.When I make a selfcalibration appears the message"Self Calibration Failed".
    I´ve disconnected the device from external signals and Im still having the problem.What could be?I realized that the external calibration has expirated the data,might be this??.
                                                                                          Thanks in  advance.
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I would advise you first of all to reset your board. If it does not work, download and install last NI-DAQmx driver ( >> drivers and updates). Try on. Let me know if it works.
Fernanda Silveir
NI Brazil
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i am facing the same issue with PCI 6254 (M Series), i did reset and NI max showed a successful reset. Self test was also successful but self calibration was failed giving error code 200545. Do i need to perform external calibration?


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