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96ch analog input to USB-6509 or PXI-6509?


96ch analog input to USB-6509 or PXI-6509?

Hi. I am measuring electrophysiological activity in the brain using the multichannel electrodes attached to the amplifier equipped with NI R1005050 cable (96 channels).


I am trying to read 96 channels of analog input using NI USB-6509 device, but it seems to support only digital I/O. Is it able to acquire analog input using NI USB-6509 or PXI-6509? I am looking for any NI DAQ devices supporting analog input of 96 channels (via 100-pin connecter in R1005050 cable). This setup was working for old model in 2008~2009, but we don't have it any more and don't know which model it was.


Thank you in advance.

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Re: 96ch analog input to USB-6509 or PXI-6509?

Yep, 6509 is only digital I/O. Based on the connector (which looking around seems to be uncommon outside of the digital I/O product line), I think your old model was probably a PXI-6031E or PXI-6071E, but both of those have 64 analog inputs, not 96.


If your requirement is really 64 analog inputs, then more modern replacements are the PXI-6225 (80 input), PXIe-6365 (144 analog inputs) or PXIe-6375 (208 analog inputs). However, none of those use the same 100-pin connector.

Brandon Streiff ·
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