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9264 controlling multiple 3-wire devices

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I think I understand how to setup the wiring for my system, but would love an experienced set of eyes.


NI-9264 (10 V AO)

multiple Enfield PFV-W12E01 valves (12V driver, 0-10V signal)


My question is how to setup the grounds. The valve manufacturer says the driver and signal ground are shared, I am not sure if I need to have the 9264 wired to multiple COM's or just one. For now I have paired COMs, but I see the DAQ is not isolated, so I'm thinking I only need to go to ANY COM once perhaps? Here is my understanding, do I need the other 2 COMs?


9264 question.png


I'd appreciate any input on my outputs, thanks!

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Your connection is correct, you don't need to connect all the COMs of 9264, just one COM to DC 12V GND is good enough. All AOs share the same COM, it is duplicated per AO to reduce the hassle to merge multiple external COMs.


I believe you're connecting black wire of the valves to the AOs



Looking at the drive capability, keep in mind that it is limited to 16mA in total and 4mA per channel.



At 10V, your valve requires 3mA (which is still under 4mA per channel) but limits you to use maximum 5 valves connected driving 10V at the same time.



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Awesome, this actually made my wiring significantly easier, as I could just put the DC common to its own COM terminal instead of splicing it in to all the individual COMs. We are only running 5 of them, so we should be in the clear. Thanks!

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