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9215 isolation vs 9202 and 9220

I currently use a 4 channel 9215 BNC module to perform simultaneous differential voltage measurements and I notice there are some modules I don't recall seeing that might be suitable replacements. The 9202 and 9220 both are capable of simultaneous, differential measurements of 16 channels and look like good candidates to increase the measurement density of my system.


The 9215 has 200 K Ohm from channel to channel and all I see in the spec sheets for the 9202 is input impedance >10 G and the 9220 is >1 G. Aside from the different sample rates it seems that either the 9202 or 9220 are suitable replacements. I want to make sure I am not missing anything else. Does anyone have any thoughts/comments?




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Those modules look good to me on the surface. May I ask why you're getting your current module replaced? It might give us some insight on things to look out for.

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I purchased the 9215 modules several years ago and at that time I don't believe there were modules that had more than 4 channels with simultaneous sampling available. Now I need to expand the system to include more voltage read backs and I noticed the 16 channel simultaneous sampling modules. We use these to measure magnets that are powered with supplies that have floating outputs. I want to make sure I am not tying the outputs of the supplies to each other or ground through a low resistance. The 9215 works great in the present system, but it would simplify the system if I can retain the same functionality yet add more channels with a higher density channel count card.

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I believe the cards you looked into should do the job.

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