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6366 SMIO - 8 channels acquisition with delay interchannel



I'm using USB 6366 card and I have 8 analog inputs at 2 Ms each one. As the card is SMIO the acquisition is simultaneous.

It is possible to control the reading time in each channel individually? Because I've seen a delay interchannel property for daqmx but I think it is not supported by X series cards.

My purpose is to increase as much as possible the sampling rate acquiring the same signal in the 8 channels. I may use a signal trigger as reference and introduce a delay between channels of 1/(2e6*8). Is that possible? There is another option without using trigger?


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No unfortunately this isn't possible for that hardware.  Each input is sampled based on the same clock/trigger.


On multiplexed devices you can set the convert clock rate (which is the inverse of interchannel delay, there is no direct interchannel delay property in DAQmx), but because the ADC is shared you can't use this trick to acquire faster than with a single channel.  Simultaneously-sampled devices like your 6366 don't support this property.


Some of NI's oscilloscopes do support Time Interleaved Sampling, but these products also have much faster ADCs to begin with.



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John Passiak
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Thanks for the feedback John!


So, If I want to acquire a single analog input at 100 MHz, there is a suitable equipment from National to do that? Maybe some embedded system?




Laura Gonzalez

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Yeah, look at the Digitizers product line from NI.  The 5133 samples at 100 MHz but doesn't have the features/streaming/resolution of some of the more expensive PCI/PCIe-based digtizers.



Best Regards,

John Passiak
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