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6025E: grouping digital ports?!

Hi, I've got a problem I hope someone will be able to solve...

[I'm currently using LabView 5.1 & NIDAQ 6.5.1]

I am writing an application that should use all 32 Digital I/O ports
of a 6025E board; there will be two groups: 16 bits for input and 16
bits for output. I would like to "group" two ports for input and the
other two for output (6025E has 32 I/O lines), just to have 2 unique
task ids for input & output.

LabView's "Common questions" section says it is possible to group
digital ports on DIO-32F, DIO-24, and DIO-96 boards using Advanced
Digital I/O VIs, with no handshaking: it says you just need to set multiple
ports in channel list. Since DIO-24 & 96 are 8255-based, I thought
such a techique would have worked on
my 6025E too, but if I use
DIO Port Config (Advanced Digital I/O palette) I only get a -10007

So: is it possible to group digital ports on the 6025E too or is this
techique limited to DIO-only boards?!

Thanks for your attention and excuse me if my english is QUITE far
from being perfect! 🙂

Benedetto Filippo Diana
Programmer / Technician
National Institute for Nuclear Physics
Southern National Laboratories - Catania (Italy)
Tel +39-095-542111
Fax +39-095-542300
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