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+/-10V analog input myrio

Dear All,

I am using myrio and it has two +/- 10v differential analog input on connecter C and 4 0-5V single ended anolg input on connectors A and B. My application has three sonsors which ranges from positive to negative. Is there a way to increase the number of +/- analog inputs. Can I use the two differential +/-10V to get four single ended +/-10V or can I modify the range of the single ended analog inputs to measure +/- instead of 0-5V.


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Hi @mawad,


As far as I know, there's no way of using a differential AI as two single ended AIs, due to the circuitry (which makes it differential - see this White Paper ) which allows the input to be dealt with in a differential manner being inside the myRIO already.


What I would advise is to use a summing amplifier to create a voltage/level switcher. This can allow you shift your signal - so if your sensors output between -5V and 5V, you can shift the range of signals up to 0-10V, and then use an amplify to amplify the signal by half, so it is in the allowable range of the single ended Analog Input (0-5V).


The web pages below should help with this.



The Summing Amplifier


What analog circuit i should use to shifting a signal from -5..5v into 0..10v?



Hope this helps!



Amy K
Applications Engineer
National Instruments UK & Ireland
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Many thanks, Amy. This is one option. The other option that I can use two myRio. Will it be okay in this case?

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