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-10403 error when event counting on 6036

I am trying to set up a simple event counter using a DAQCard 6036 and NIDAQ and VB6. When I try to execute CTR_EvCount I get a -10403 error, function not supported on this hardware.


I can't find documentation for this one way or the other. Also could use a pointer on where to connect the incoming pulse stream. I currently have it on CTR0 SRC


Thanks in advance

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Thanks for posting,


Event counting is supported by the DAQCard-6036E.  Could you post a small example code that demonstrates the problem?  I would be happy to take a look at it to verify that everything is set up correctly.  You are correct in using the SRC channel of your counter for event counting.


Also, what version of Traditional NI-DAQ and OS are you running?  This page contains driver compatibility information for our portable DAQ devices.

John Passiak
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