Motion Control and Motor Drives

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speed control of Switched reluctance motor


 i am now able to control the motor in open loop

but to make it as closed loop, i have to measure the speed of motor and given as input to controller in labview to control the speed of motor.


kindly help me  to measure the speed of motor using Labview and myrio which will be taken as input to controller

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thank you sir


in our project hall sensors are used to sense the position of rotor. I want to calculate the speed of motor using hall sensor, using Labview.The output of Hall sensor  are given in Lab view. According to that pulses will be generated  and given to machine. now i have to calculate the speed from hall it possible, kindly let me know sir.

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You will need a device to acquire the analog analog signal from the sensor, like a DAQ module with analog input. 

I found an example of how it's implemented, check  this link  out, hope this helps 🙂


Also see: 

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