Motion Control and Motor Drives

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relay control for dc motor

hi , I don't know if this is the correct board, anyway, I realized a closed loop control for a dc motor using a PID vi (a position loop), with a usb 6259 device.

Now, i'd like to replace the pid with a relay, in order to realize a non linear control .. how can i do that? where i can find any examples? do i need any toolkit or i can realize it with the basic labview? (i'm using labview 8.6)




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you should not have any problems programming an ON/OFF control output algorithm with your version of LabVIEW.

For your reference, you can take a look at this example that makes use of a different kind of hardware but can be usefull for you.


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Luca Gallo
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i can't find the , labview says that it'is no longer supported.

it suggest me to instal the simulation module to obtain similar functionality, but i've already installed the "control design and simulation" and "pid and fuzzy logic"






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