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problem pi cascade with pci 7354

i used PCI 7354 with UMI-7774, My project is control DC servo motor
(Coordinates: 180 v 16 A 3kw 2400 rpm) 4-Quardrant PI-Cascade control type, It was applying to Analog Feedback (Current loop and Velocity loop).
Now i can control open loop type, but i can't control close loop type, because i don't understand how to use system ''All PID .vi" and calculate voltage output for how to control Duty cycle,This is different from "" of Control Design & Simulation Block.


maybe it possible help me to guide a block diagram.




Third-Party Drive.JPG

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Are there specific problems that you are encountering or are you just wondering how you would set up closed loop feedback in this system? I believe you are referring to the Load All PID Parameters VI, which does not perform PID control, but updates the 8 PID parameters of a motion card (Proportional Gain, Integral Gain, Derivative Gain, Integration Limit, Derivative Sample Period, Velocity Feedback Gain, Acceleration Feedforward Gain, and Velocity Feedforward Gain) to the selected board. These are settings that will control the tuning of the motion PID control and can also be set in Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX). In MAX, they are set in the Control Loop Settings section of the motion device (My System»Devices and Interfaces»NI Motion Devices»PCI-7350»Default 7350 Settings»Axis 'x'»Control Loop Settings)


I would recommend this Understanding Servo Tune document for advice on how to properly tune the motion card for ideal motion control.


Please let me know if I have misinterpreted your question or you have additional questions on this information.



NI Community Team
National Instruments
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