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possible to connect accelerometer to MID-7604 / PCI-7354 analog input?

I currently have a PCI-7354 Motion card along with a MID-7604 and was interested in using this hardware to acquire vibrational data from a microscope (low g's, resonance in the 250hz to 1.25khz range).  I know it's not the correct hardware but i'm hoping to get something up and running quickly.  At the end of the day,  we'd like to run a FFT on the sampled data and determine the resonant frequency of the microscope stage.  I've never really dealt with accelerometers but was thinking i could use the hardware to get a signal into the PC.  Just FYI,  the Analog input signal inot the MID-7604 is just a pass through and the PCI-7354 has 4 Analog input channels, 16-bit resolution, and ± 10 V range @ 25 μs scan rate (40khz sampling rate?)   The specs seem to me to be adequate for acquiring the data, right? 


The next question would be if anyone might have a suggestion for an accelerometer (envisioning a small, 50gram puck probe with free leads) for this application? 



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Hi regisphilbin2,


The specifications you listed sound correct, and you could find out more about the analog inputs on the PCI-7354 from the user manual. Whether this will be adequate for acquiring data really depends on the device you're acquiring from, and the speed at which you want to acquire data. If you can find an accelerometer with analog data within these specifications, then this should be possible.


I hope this helps!

Emily C
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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