Motion Control and Motor Drives

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pci7344 and pxi7350

Can PCI7344 control an AC brushless servo motor? If I have to use
PXI7350 to control AC brushless servo motor, is there PXI slot in a
normal industrial computer?
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The PCi 7344 can control a brushless servo provided that the drove for
your motor can take a +/- 10 volt torque signal or a step and
direction signal as a command signal. An example of such a drive is
the accelsus drive from Copley controls which you can find at Your motor must also have either quadrature
encoder or analof feedback mechanisms so the 7344's on board PID loop
can control your system appropriately in servo mode. The 7350 has the
advantage that it can drive brusdhless servos using lower cost
brushless servo drives like the ones made by advanced motion controls
( which are drives that do not perform the electronic
sinusolidal commutation, but require the controller to do so. The 7350
has the ability to perform up to fou
r axis of on board sinusoidal
commutation. As for yoursecond question, only PXI or CompactPCI
industrial computers will have PXI slots available.
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