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pci 7354 resource IDs



I have a pci 7354 motion controller with which I'm working.  There are a number of VI's that I'd like to use, but they generally require me to specify a resource ID.  Sometimes context help provides me a range of ID's that are valid and I can deduce which to use according to the axis I'm interested in controlling.  When it comes to the VI "Load DAC", no such range of valid ID's is available.


Is there a document floating around that spells out the various resource ID's for the pci 7354 controller and where they are valid?  It would make my life easier.  I already checked the user manual.





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you can find such a list in the NI-Motion help. Click on the Index tab and enter the keywords resources, motion. In the Motion Resources paragraph there are links to tables with all the resource IDs.


I hope this helps,

Jochen Klier

National Instruments

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Thanks ... that's exactly what I was looking for!
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