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missing flexmotion vi library?

Dear Amaury,thanks for advice again,I do not have the right to remove company's labview or flexmotion 6C software, the only thing for sure is when I initialize and test under MAX, it was ok.Could it be the missing flexmotion VI library? as when I open the library, there were only two folders; Borland and visual. The manual says there is a separate flexmotion VI package includes a complete motion VI library,with examples, for use with LABVIEW, is this a separate item not come together when purchase the controller?
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Yes you are missing the flexmotion VI library. The library comes with the software which comes with the board. When the software was previously installed the option to install the LabVIEW components must not have been selected. As I mentioned previously you will need to reinstall the software which came with your card to find these VIs.

Hope this helps.
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