Motion Control and Motor Drives

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introduction in brushless control


if you are interested in a in-depth introduction to brushless control,
then take a
look to the site

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I have a system compound by a BLDC motor and a linear actuator (see the figure attached) and i want to do the indentification of my system. So, using the steps showed at the figure Block Diagram for TF Estimation (attached), i got a TF but i do not know what it really represent. At figure Block Diagram for TF Estimation, where is writed motor at , i connected the output signal (Controlles Position) of my system. I would like to know if this TF estimated is only of my system (G(s) or motor+actuator). How can i verify if is it in open-loop or closed-loop? My system is in closed-loop (PID+G(s)) and this TF represents just G(s)? I need more details about that.


At the figure TF BLDC motor (attached), I simulated a step reference in the TF estimated. Analysing the response, seems that represent just the G(s). Please, tell me about that tools for identification of systems if you can. 


Thanks for all,

 Renato Fernandes 

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