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how to make RPM-meter ?

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how to make RPM-meter ?

Hello guys, 

I want to measure rpm of my mini wind turbin.

I have a proximity sensor and i have a frequency-voltage device. 

And my problem is, i can want using labview to make a RPM meter.

How to do it ???



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Accepted by topic author Hutomo
08-27-2015 04:09 PM

Re: how to make RPM-meter ?

Hi Hutomo,


I just noticed that this post has been duplicated many times. I think it'll be a better idea to just keep this topic onto one thread so that we can combine our efforts in assisting you. Since people have already been making comments here, let's just stick with that post. In the future it will be better if you just post once per topic, at National Instruments we do look at every post so don't worry about your questions not being addressed.


Jason L. 

Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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Re: how to make RPM-meter ?

sorry i just a newbie, but next time i will focus on one post topic discussion .

thank you =)

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