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flight simulator motion control

flight simulator motion control

Can NI Motion control system (HW/SW) control an 6 axis hydraulic motion platform developed by CAE?
Here is my situation. I have a full motion Alphajet Flight simulator design/built by CAE back in the late 70's early 80's.  I am replacing the old Texas Instrument computer with a modern PC and using MS FS9 as the flight simulator of choice.  I've found ready to use off-the-shelf products to interface the PC with the various lights, switches, rotery switches, and instruments.  However the motion control system is another story entirely. 
There exists a DLL that takes the various code offsets from the flight simulator SW and sends that info to the various interface HW attacked to the PC, those in turn will turn on lights, or drive the instruments.  I think  this same DLL can be used to pass information to another SW package that in turn drives the motion system.
I have all of the wiring diagrams for the systems, and reams of books for the old COBOL code that told the motion system how to move the platform.  Unfortunatly I dont have much on the specs of the motion controller itself. I do have specs on the hydraulic system, components, etc.
I know this sounds challenging (crazy?) but I think it could work.  Not being a developer, I wouldn't know if the NI motion software would interface with the FSUIPC.DLL.  Any thought on this?
Above link is for the simulator website I've been updating.  Thanks in advance for your input and feedback!
- Ron
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Re: flight simulator motion control


I had a look at your motion system (thanks for the link). In fact I have used an NI 7358 to control a similar 6 axes parallel kinematic from Micos some years ago. If you like I can post the source code of the application which is written in LabVIEW (see attached screenshot).
The only thing that I can't post is the DLL that calculates the motor positions from the X, Y, Z, Rx, Ry, Rz coordinates, as this DLL is IP of Micos.

Best regards,

Jochen Klier
National Instruments Germany
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Re: flight simulator motion control




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Re: flight simulator motion control

Hi Ijan,


I have attached the code, but as posted above, I'm not allowed to post the DLL, that contains the inverse kinematics, so this code is probably pretty useless for you.

Please note, that the general approach of this vi is to move the stage to the correct target position but I don't care about the move vector during travel time.


For perfect trajectory control during the move it would be necessary to calculate the inverse kinematics along the whole path and use a contoured move instead of linear moves.


Kind regards,


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