Motion Control and Motor Drives

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Hi, I do not have access to the auxillary 24-bit digital I/O connector, what I have is a pc with the flexmotion 6C connected to an UMI flex 6, I need to generate pulses on oscillocope of 10V with varying frequency range, how do I implement the VI on only my UMI flex 6. Please help and advise urgently.thanks
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You can configure your axis to run on open loop stepper mode and tap the Step(CW) and Dir(CCW) lines during a simple move. You'll see the pulse train that the controller is sending to the motor as TTL pulses. You can change the frequency by changing the velocity of the move. If you need more information about the physical connections check out the manual for your devices. If you don't have a manual you can download it from
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Yusuf C.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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