Motion Control and Motor Drives

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dc servo motor control using pci7354 and umi box 7774.

my project dc servo motor control xy table. position control.

i want to use voltage from analog output and triangle wave for make pwm signal.

in MAX at default 7350 setting  axis configuration i select type servo external commutation.

i/o usage output is DAC output and Feedback is encoder 1.

in this i learn from one axis move (accel-max velocity-decel).vi in ni example finder.


my question


1. in my understanding i set up value (accel,decel,velocity max,target position) when run program motion card will make varies voltage from analog output. isn't it ?

     i want to use this dc voltage from analog output for make pwm signal .

2. at default 7350 setting in MAX i select type servo external commutation i simulate block diagram by 1-D interactive in MAX it's not work when i run program i measure DAC voltage from analog output no happen(in MAX).why is it?


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Hi Supersputnikk,

Can you discribe the problem that you are having in a little more detail?  Are you able to run the motor from Measurement & Automation Explorer?  What drive are you using with this motor?  What motor are you trying to control?  For how to create a pmw in LabVIEW, below please find a link to a Community example that explains how you create a triangle wave generated pwm.

Kira T

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thank you for reply

sorry with stupid question. i is beginner labview.

i made either drive motor and triangle wave generate circuit myself .

please looking file is attached.


my question

from one axis move picture if i do it same picture when i run program .analog output will  have dc voltage come out ,it isn't?

i don't understand.please explain concept program that do i think it true?

in MAX cann't display DAC voltage look from 1-D interactive graph


i use labview 2009 sp1

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Hi supersputnikk,

Have you seen this tutorial on motion control.  It helps to explain what is happening in the example VIs that come with NI motion and some of the theory behind the NI Motion set up.  Please let me know if this helps to answer your question.

Kira T

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