Motion Control and Motor Drives

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control the no of iteration


Here is my attached program that is working fine, Program  runs continuously until I stop. Here is little detail that I want to do.  

  1. Can this possible, after completing 5 iteration, it directly jump to 200 iteration and manipulate  5 more iteration and again jump to  205 to 400 iteration.
  2. In given file, there is random value graph on the display screen which will move the machine randomly. If I have to write some alphabet letter  what type of program I will write at given voltage to X and y, make sure  I have to apply voltage along x and y separately via  DAQ assistant.  Another thing I can’t give the time delay too long because my sample is attached to  machine and light is continuously exposing it, long exposure will destroy my sample.  If you provide any help I would appreciate that.

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