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connecting encoder to umi 7774

connecting encoder to umi 7774

i'm begin  labview

i made a project dc servo motor control position control .

i want to connect encoder to umi box for measure signal from encoder .

i attempt to test encoder follow MAX help for motion.nothing signal.

i attached it code wrong?

how i do it?

help me please



thank you for any help


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Re: connecting encoder to umi 7774

if encoder haven't index channel can connect to umi box ?

i use version 2009 sp1. encoder i atteched file.


thank you very much



yai supersputnikk

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Re: connecting encoder to umi 7774

First, it would be helpful to indicate the complete type of encoder, there are several different types of HEDS9x01-encoders. Also, a drawing of the encoder dimensions is not very helpful when connecting it electrically...


This being said, you only need an index channel (output) if you want to run a "find index" routine, this is sometimes used  for more precise positioning of a system to its reference position. So it is possible to use encoders which have A and B channel. When connecting such an encoder to the UMI box, it does not matter whether the outputs are differential outputs (RS485 level compatible) or plain TTL level outputs, the UMI box accepts both without any modifications.  

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Re: connecting encoder to umi 7774

in manual wrote "

The UMI-7774/7772 does not support single-ended encoders" how to do ?

do i must connect to be differential ?



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Re: connecting encoder to umi 7774

Sorry for my mistake, we have a different version of the UMI box which supports both single-ended and differential encoder output. 


Again, it would be helpful to place a correct link to the datasheet of your specific encoder. 


If your encoder has single-ended outputs only you have to use external circuits to convert them to differential signals.  

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