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cables to connect my PCI-7334 motion to one UMI and one SSR backplane?

i want to connect a PCI 7334 to one UMI and one SSR backplane, what cables do i need (number)
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Hi NI_Rookie. This is a good question.

To connect the 7344 to a UMI, you need the SH68-C68-S Cable with D-Type Connector (#186381-02).

To connect the 7344 to an SSR backplane, you need the SHC68-C68-S Cable (#186380-02) with the SSR 8, 16, 24 Channel Cable Adapter (#778262-01)

If you need help getting everything set up, please let us (the forum enthusiasts) know.

Kyle V.
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thanks a lot Kyle V!!!!
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