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analog input reading on MID-7604

I'm having trouble reading an analog signal connected to Ain#1 of my MID-7604. I'm using PCI-7324 controller card and Labview6.

I cant seem to find any documentation on how to setup a VI to read this particular form of analog input. I have tried using the 'READ A/D CONVERTER' vi but it doesnt correspond to the voltage level I'm connected to.

Are there any harware configuration that needs to be setup first? I appreciate any help in this matter. I've got all my stepper motors configured and running properly and all thats left is the analog measuring portion of my magnetic flux profiler project. If this is not possible using the MID-7604 analog input, I guess I'll use my PCI-6031E daq card instead.
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The "Read A/D" is the one that you need to use to read that analog channel. The output is going to be an 8-bit value (0-255) corresponding to the analog voltage that is read. For a range of 0 through 5 V, the 8-bit A/D converter resolves to 256 distinct values with each LSB value equal to 19.5 mV/LSB. Hope this helps.

Jack Arnold
Application Engineer
National Instruments
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What is LSB?
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